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Juju's Send-a-Child-to-School Program
In 2012, with the help of our generous tour customers, Juju Tours renovated and adopted a struggling nursery school known as The Broughton Remnant Early Childhood Institution, located in the outskirts of Negril,Jamaica. This is the same nursery school guests visit on Juju's Countryside Tour. Shortly after the renovations, Juju developed its sister charity organization, the Good Juju Project, raising enough money to transition the school into a non-profit educational facility for thirty Jamaican children between the ages of 2-5 years old. The Good Juju Charity Project's Scholarship Program provides free uniforms, shoes, bags, and books for all students while also covering their school fees, lunches and taxi fare. The school fees are used to pay the staff and buy running water for the kitchen and bathrooms.

The founding reason for Good Juju's Send-a-Child-to-School Program was to assist the many families in the small community of Broughton who cannot afford to send their children to school. Children missing school due to financial constraints is a trend that can be found in most Jamaican communities. The detriment of frequent absence from school goes without saying: fundamental cognitive and social skills are not properly developed, a child is frequently deprived of a healthy diet and most importantly, children are forced to remain within their stressful, impoverished home environments. School offers children a daily escape from poverty and hunger.

It costs roughly $500 USD to send one nursery school children to school per year. The Good Juju Charity Project continues to donate 5% of its tour proceeds to this cause while performing annual fundraising. While our efforts can currently cover only the basics, such as minimum wage for the staff, our success thus far wouldn't have been possible without the help of our generous visitors. We hope you'll consider visiting our beloved nursery school and donating to our cause today.

School supply donations can be distributed while on most tours or sent to a United States mailing address as to avoid expensive and complicated shipping to Jamaica. Monetary donations can be made at the link below.

We thank ALL of those who have donated to our cause so far!
The good juju project

Helping Visitors of Jamaica Give Back on their Vacations

Please Donate to the Good JuJu Project
via our partners at the Eastwick Foundation.

The Good Juju Charity Project is an official affiliate of the Eastwick Foundation, a 501-3c Organization based in New Jersey, USA, focused on educational scholarships and assistance.

How You Can Give Back on Your Vacation
Coutryside Charity Tour

As opposed to giving to a big foundation, there's no wondering where or who your donations are going to when you donate through JuJu. Make a contribution in person through any of the options below. All donors are eligible for a 10% discount off any tour!

  • Take the Countryside Tour and donate school supplies, shoes or books to a local school. 10% Discount given to guests with donations and offer free pickup of donations from any hotel.
  • Volunteer at the Saint Anthony Soup Kitchen in Negril. (Monday - Friday, 11 AM - 1:30 PM. Volunteers assist in preparing, serving and cleaning up lunch)
  • Visit and bring gifts to the patients of the children's ward at the Sav-La-Mar Hospital. (Visiting hours 12:45-1:45 PM. Strict dress code required. Toys, games, toiletries and medical donations welcome.)
  • Teach a lesson at a local school.
  • Volunteer to give extra help to a student at a local school or library.
  • Donate medical items to a local clinic.
  • Donate clothing items, shoes, toiletries, infant supplies or groceries to a local family.
  • Donate construction material to a local family building a house.
  • Lend a hand on a home or school construction project.
  • Make a monetary donation to the purpose of your choice.

Please be advised transportation rates apply to the hospital, soup kitchens and schools.

Suggested Donations:
  • School Supplies:
    Notebooks, folders, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint, art supplies, calculators, flash cards, rulers, coloring books, workbooks, educational DVDs or computer games.
  • Infant Supplies:
    Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, clothing, blankets, etc. (Mothers who are malnourished cannot produce breastmilk to feed their babies.)
  • Clothing Items and Shoes:
    Adult or children's new or used. (We kindly ask that all used items are in EXCELLENT condition.)
  • General Medical Items and Toiletries:
    Tylenol, vitamins, ointment, band aids, feminine products, soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes and floss.
  • Toys and Games:
    Frisbees, jump ropes, board games, cards.
  • Computers and Electronics:
    Donate any new or used laptops, printers or tablets to any school. All are in great need of educational electronics!

Donors can also bring items that are not listed above. Due to expense and corruption of the country's customs, it is strongly advised that visitors do not ship any donations to the island. We suggest mixing up donations within personal items in suitcases; wrapping up gifts in clothing and making them as unobvious as possible. In the event of a visitor having a great deal of donations, additional suitcases are best and the least expensive method of bringing gifts to Jamaica. Guests should then state "no items to claim" on the Immigration form while using the Green Line. Going this route saves the headache of dealing with customs and their attempt to charge ambiguous, misunderstood customs and duties on donations.

JuJu's Accomplishments
JuJu's charitable accomplishments would never be possible without the help of our generous guests, family and friends. Read below to see how they have made a difference!

Scholarship Recipients
Thanks to our generous donors, thirty nursery school students every year since 2012 have been able to attend basic school for free via our Send-a-Child-to-School Program. Each student receives brand new uniforms, school shoes, a book bag, a daily nutritional lunch, books, school supplies and transportation to school. THANK YOU to those who have made this program possible! You have given an invaluable gift to both parents and child.

In 2014, the McKale, Foster and Rest families of Canada conducted a fundraiser which collected nearly $7000 USD. With the money raised, our Canadian guests joined forces with Juju and decided to donate a brand new playground to an elementary school located in the Westmoreland community of Broughton. This is the first playground the school has ever had. We hope we can continue to expand it in the years to come as to make it even larger for the one hundred and fifty plus students.

Ceteeber, a young mother of three, now in her mid-twenties, was born with severe birth defects which left her with only one full limb. In 2012, a generous JuJu guest named Alex from California, donated a brand new motorized wheelchair to Ceteeber. Getting the wheelchair from California to Jamaica was quite the challenge, but we did it. Ceteeber was suddenly gifted with a new sense of freedom - she could actually travel out of her yard without requiring one of her family members to push her to where she wanted to go. The video below shows Ceteeber's reaction when we surprised her with her new wheelchair.

Nonetheless, keeping up with the maintenance of a motorized wheelchair proved to be a great challenge for Ceteeber and her family. The road and yard conditions quickly damaged the wheels, parts have been nearly impossible to find and the batteries extremely expensive to replace. So we began hoping and praying for a better option.

We were thrilled to learn that in the Spring of 2016, Dr. Brandon Sampson, Dr. Daniel Tellijohn and Rachel Raub of Minessota's Limb Lab had made the incredible decision of gifting free prosthetic to a group of disabled Jamaican natives. And we are proud to announce Ceteeber was one of the lucky recipients! Considering the severity of her physical situation, the doctors have begun her with a fitting process for short prosthetic legs. As she learns to balance, the prosthetics will continue to elongate. Pictures of her first fitting are below. Stay tuned as she gears to take a life she has never imagined!

Nursery School Renovations
In 2012, Juju Tours conducted a fundraiser that allowed renovations to be made to the Broughton Remnant Basic School in Westmoreland. The facility received new paint, ceiling, tiles, a refrigerator, a walkway, sink, a bed for nap time, and a new seesaw amongst other miscellaneous refurbishments. These repairs offer a more comfortable and inspiring learning environment for both students and staff.



Beginning in 2012, previous JuJu guests, Dawn and Earl Moses from Missouri, came up with the great idea of starting a shoe drive in their hometown church. Dawn and Earl promoted the drive, which they chose to call "Shoes for Jamaica", and collected over 100 pairs of sneakers, boots and sandals. By joining forces with Juju, the shoes arrived safely in Jamaica and were distributed to countless adults and children in need. This shoe collection has inspired more guests to initiate shoe and clothing drives in their hometowns as well. We ask others to consider donating as we look forward to our next distribution.

A special thanks to Paul and Wanda of Tennesse, Yen Malhotra of Maryland , Debra Dobnick and Jen Bobkoskie of Ohio, Caela Graves of Ohio, Gaynor Maddox from the U.K. and Shelly Brown and family from Georgia for initiating their separate donation drives and fundraisers.